Unity Taekwondo is an American Taekwondo Association martial arts club located in Clarksville, TN. Run by 2nd degree black belt Sarah Brown, Unity TKD offers martial arts classes in ATA’s Songahm style Taekwondo to children, teens, and adults.

Mrs. Brown has been practicing martial arts since she was a teenager, and has taught at two ATA schools in the past. In 2018, Mrs. Brown moved with her family to Clarksville, TN where she opened her own ATA club so that she and her children could continue their ATA journey.

Unity TKD is founded on the principals of Integrity, Respect, and Loyalty, teaching traditional taekwondo values and techniques. Taekwondo training promotes perseverance, focus, honor, and physical fitness in its students.

We are located at 390 Needmore Rd inside Gold’s Gym. No gym membership needed! For more information on class options, please contact info@unitytkd.com.

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