Victory Stickers & Stars

Tiny Tigers and Karate for Kids students will earn stickers in class for demonstrating ATA core values, having great focus, and performing awesome techniques. Students can collect these stickers and trade them in for Taekwondo stars. 5 stickers = 1 star.

Students can also earn stars for testing, competing at tournaments, report cards from school with all A’s and B’s, and good behavior reports from parents.

If you’d like to submit a good behavior report so that your child receives a star, simply email the report to info@unitytkd.com or write a short note on paper for your child to turn in during class. We love to hear about our students showing courtesy, respect, integrity, honor, helpfulness, and all of our ATA core values at home and in their communities.

When a student collects 25 stars, they can trade them in for an ATA bag tag or a prize from the treasure box.

Or, if they want to save them up, students can collect 100 stars and redeem a free private lesson!