Songahm Forms & Curriculum

Each testing cycle, students will learn one of the 9 Songahm color belt forms (Black Belt students are required to know the 9 color belt forms in addition to learning the form for their rank).  The form students learn will not necessarily coincide with their current belt color.  ATA utilizes a block teaching method to help insure students get the best training and focus from their instructors instead of having instructors splitting classes up to teach several different forms in the same class.

At the beginning of each testing cycle, your instructor will inform you what the form of the cycle will be for your class.  You are highly encouraged to practice your form, one-steps (white-yellow belts), weapons, and other techniques at home to help you prepare for your next test.  To see details of each color belt form, check out the Color Belt Curriculum Guide below:

ATA Color Belt Curriculum