Required Taekwondo Gear

As students progress in rank, they will be required to purchase ATA safety gear to participate in sparring and weapons training. All gear must be ATA gear. Outside gear will not be allowed for liability reasons.

Students are not required to have full safety sparring gear until they reach camo belt. However, white-yellow belts who wish to begin sparring in class or compete in sparring at tournaments may purchase full gear.

It is highly recommended that students purchase gear incrementally as they increase in belt rank to avoid a large purchase when the student reaches camo belt. Required and recommended safety gear for all belt levels is listed below:

Required for all male students regardless of rank: groin cup and supporter

Safety Sparring Gear by Belt Rank

White: No gear required
Orange: Hand Gear and Combat Stick recommended
Yellow: Foot Gear and Chest Protector recommended
Camo and above: All safety sparring gear required at this rank. This includes:

  • Hand Gear
  • Foot Gear
  • Chest Protector
  • Head Gear & Face Shield
  • Mouthguard
  • Cup and supporter (males only)
  • Combat Stick


Depending on the testing cycle, current curriculum rotation, and student rank, students will participate in weapons training.  All weapons will be ATA safety weapons.  Outside weapons will not be allowed for liability reasons.

Weapons include:

  • Ssahng Jeol Bongs (the Korean term for nun-chucks)
  • Combat Stick
  • Bahng Mahng Ee (short staff)
  • Jahng Bong (mid-range or long range staff)
  • Ssahng Nats (short scythe)
  • Gum do (sword)

Your instructor will inform you of the weapon of the cycle prior to the cycle beginning so that you will have time to purchase a weapon if needed. If you would like to compete with a different weapon at a tournament, it is highly recommended that you schedule a private lesson with your instructor prior to the tournament.  Instructor permission is required to compete with weapons at tournaments.

To order sparring gear, weapons, uniforms, and more, please visit the Unity TKD Pro Shop:

Unity TKD Pro Shop

**The Unity TKD Pro Shop is for Unity TKD students, parents, and families only.  Items will not be shipped to your home.  Your instructor will bring them to class for you when they arrive.