Parent & Student Code of Conduct


ATA students and parents are expected to adhere to the ATA values of courtesy, respect, and integrity with regard to instructors, classmates, parents, and other family members at all times while at Unity Taekwondo. Bullying, disruptive behavior, discourtesy, and other behaviors that affect Unity TKD’s ability to conduct effective and enjoyable classes will not be tolerated.

All students, whether in uniform or not and whether attending class or not, will bow to the flags when entering and exiting the training room, and will stand and recite the Songahm Spirit of Taekwondo when classes are bowing in and out.


When your child is in class, they are being taken care of by their instructor.  Please observe quietly and politely.  NO coaching or disciplining of your child during class, and no loud conversations that distract from training.  If you have concerns, please address them with the instructor privately before or after class.

Hygiene & Dress Code:

Students must attend class wearing a clean and pressed ATA Taekwondo uniform with required ATA patch.  During summer, instructors may elect to have “t-shirt time” during which students may attend class wearing their white uniform pants and an ATA Taekwondo tournament or Unity TKD school t-shirt.  Instructors will inform parents when t-shirt time begins and ends.

Students must attend class with clean, bare feet.  To avoid tracking in dirt from outside, please wear shoes to class and remove them when you enter before class begins.

ATA Memberships & Gear:

All students must maintain current ATA memberships to be allowed to attend classes, testings, and tournaments.  Initial registration is $59, and then $49 each year thereafter.  Please make sure the name on your ATA membership is spelled correctly.

Students must wear ATA uniforms and use ATA safety gear and safety weapons for all training.  Outside gear and weapons are not allowed for liability reasons.  To order gear, see your instructor.

ATA Shield Flag 3x5_REV