Programs & Pricing

New signups are currently suspended while we look for a new location. Please check back soon!

We offer different programs for different age groups as well as a Leadership program for those interested in delving deeper into martial arts and leadership skills.

All programs include:

  • Instruction in martial arts techniques and philosophies
  • Songahm Forms
  • One-Step Sparring Preparation (white-yellow belts)
  • Traditional Sparring and Combat Sparring (camo-black belts)
  • Weapons training
  • Board breaking
  • Self Defense
  • Physical Fitness
  • Character Development and ATA core values

Program Options

  • Black Belt Club:
    • Tiny Tigers (ages 3-7)
    • Karate for Kids (ages 7-12)
    • Teens/Adults (ages 13+)
  • Leadership program (for camo-black belts with instructor’s permission)


  • Introductory Trial: $59 (includes 1 month of classes —  2 classes per week, uniform, and white belt)
  • Registration Fee (due at end of Intro Trial): $59 (first year) then $49 each year after. This covers the annual ATA membership fee.  All students must have an active ATA membership to be allowed to attend classes, testing, and tournaments.
  • Black Belt Club: $59/month (includes 2 classes per week)
  • Leadership Club: $99/month (2 regular classes per week and 1 leadership class per week)
  • Private Lessons: $30 per 30 minute lesson

**Unity TKD offers an 11% discount for military, first responders, teachers, college students, or siblings.

Additional Fees & Requirements:

  • Testing Fees: $35 (if turned in at least 1 week before testing) $60 (if turned in late). Testings occur approximately every 8 weeks. Testing fees cover new rank registration with the ATA, the student’s new belt, and official rank certificate.
  • Gear & Equipment: Students will be required to purchase various safety sparring gear and safety weapons as they advance in rank.  More information on gear can be found here: Required Taekwondo Gear. Gear must be purchased from the ATA. Outside equipment is not allowed for liability reasons.
  • Tournaments: Students are highly encouraged (though not required) to attend ATA tournaments to gain experience in competition, sportsmanship, and just have fun! Tournament fees apply and depend on the events the student chooses to compete in.  See instructor for additional details.

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